Le Mans

Le Mans With McLaren - Headed For The Track

There is no better way to get to the track than by helicopter!

This was my first chance to get up and close with McLaren P1 GTR..what an epic looking thing!

The people that get to own these special cars are getting an absolute beast. I love the use of the same latches as the McLaren F1 to open the doors.

Only at Le Mans would you get an Aston Martin One-77 as a safety car...

To commemorate McLaren winning Le Mans with the F1 20 years ago there was a parade lap this year. The holding area for the cars was quite something.

Le Mans With McLaren - To The Hotel

After a quick stop, some lunch and a tour of the beautiful Château De Chambord we headed off to the hotel just outside Le-Mans. Rolling with this many McLaren's is so awesome.

Le Mans With Mclaren - Headed For Château De Chambord

Departing Paris was mildly hilarious with our "leader" taking about 4 wrong turns in a row. We decided that we'd quite like to get to lunch before 6pm so fired up a few sat nav apps (one for the driver and one for the passenger to act as navigator and to check the routing is correct) and found our own way out of Paris. 

Dayuuum dat aaassssss

Dayuuum dat aaassssss

That morning was the first time i'd seen a 650s "Le Mans Edition" and I have to say i'm loving the classic wheels and roof scoop, they really bring something to the car. I cannot wait to see a 675LT with a roof scoop (they are coming due to much lobbying from deposit holders).

650s Le Mans Edition

All P1s should drive around with the wing up..

Satin Volcano Red..