Things To Know Before Modifying Your BMW M2 Suspension

A few months back I finally decided to change the suspension on my BMW M2, in the video I run through a bunch of things you should consider before you decide to modify your car and my experience doing so. I think it is definitely something that can improve a car but you need to think about the costs involved and whether the outcome is something you desire. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

First Road Impressions Of The Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

A few weeks ago Lotus invited me down to try out some of their cars. Unfortunately we were blessed with some pretty awful weather, however you've got to seize the chances you get and off I went with the Evora to see what it's all about. I have to say the road experience was a bit different to on track and I gelled with the Exige a bit better. That being said, it's still a brilliant car. The interior feels a bit dated when you compare it to other manufacturers but the driving experience is top notch. The manual gearbox combined with the supercharged v6 make this one of the most involving cars on sale at the moment. Check out my video below for the full story.