Pistonheads Christmas Sunday Sevice

On Sunday I went along to the Pistonheads Christmas Sunday Service. It was a great event and I mainly spent time working with my new glidecam and trying to get used to that but I snapped a couple of pics as well. There were ALOT of people in attendance and consequently nice clean backgrounds were not always readily available.

Spotting in Dubai

When I was in Dubai a few weeks ago I did a bit of car spotting and came across a variety of different cars. Here are a selection of the photos. Some of these cars are very very rare (A few are 1/1). 

Ferrari Owners Club Dubai

Whilst I was in Dubai I also got the opportunity to go along to the meet of the Ferrari Owners Club. I'm not sure what the total number was but there were ALOT of Ferraris in one place for a friday afternoon. Check out the Album for the whole lot of pictures but here are a selection. I particularly like the shot with the 3 599s all together. (GTB, HGTE and GTO)