Shmee150 Bought A 675LT And I Drove It

My buddy Tim aka Shmee150 recently took delivery of a McLaren 675LT. Now the original plan was for us to do a 3 day trip from Monaco to Marseille (the windy route). The idea was for a few of us to swap around and drive all of the different cars to create some content etc. Luck was not shining down on us though and 2 punctures laters (FF and GT4) we were in a bit of a predicament. Punctures coupled with bad weather meant altered our plan to a long mountain drive on Monday then Tuesday and Weds in Monaco chilling and catching up with a few friends. I didn't get the amount of photos that I wanted but still a good trip. 

Custom McLaren 675LT key...nom nom

Custom McLaren 675LT key...nom nom

The LT: Now i'm not going to go into a long review because i only got to drive it 15 minutes up the hill to the house from Monaco on some twisties in the dark. Due to my rather brief drive i'll give a few thoughts:

- It's bloody rapid
- The gearshift noises are awesome, like someone is firing a rifle next to your head
- The LT is much more capable than regular P Zeros allow..Trofeo R's are the way forward
- Sound..hmm. Personally I can't get enough of N/A engines so i'm always going to think it's lacking in this department. However..it sounds much better than the 650s (I would say it sounds more like the 488) and feels more alive.
- Handling..I need some more time driving it...Tim?