The Sixth Element

We had a new arrival in London today, a particularly special Lamborghini called the "Sesto Elemento". This extremely limited production car has an output of 570 hp and a weight of only 999kg due to the extensive use of carbon fiber. I believe that there are currently only 2 in the world with 1 that runs and it appears the one I saw today doesn't (not sure why). Here are a few shots I got as it arrived before being shuttered behind closed doors. 

Lamborghini Uncovered

Lamborghini London put on a few days of displays throughout London, here are a few pictures from the Tower Bridge show. It was super busy so particularly difficult to get the clean shots I wanted.  

Aventadors in London

This week we have been very lucky to have a host of Aventadors in London. It started off with the first customer Aventador and finished off with 2 parked back to back outside a nightclub for the Lamborghini Christmas Party. Here are my photos.