GT3 RS, Great Winter Tourer

I took the RS out for a trip this week. Enough storage space for all my gear and a bit of traction control if the ground is a bit slippy makes it the most practical one to take. One of the places we visited (Lucknam Park) had the most amazing drive so it would have been rude not to take some photos. 

Euroabia 2015 - To The Nurburgring

Once we'd crossed the border the cars headed for the Nurburgring (Aka The Green Hell). Once everyone had parked up at the hotel I convinced a friend of mine to bring his car and get a photo under the iconic sign. It's these mini shoots on the rallies that really elevate the images even though they are quite often at 1am when everyone is knackered. For the final shot we had to put the car the wrong way on a one way road but it was worth it. Check out the video at the end for a cheeky burnout as we were departing, the Super Trofeo Stradale sounds insane! 

Euroabia 2015 - Sunrise in London and the run for the border

An early start after a late night (wouldn't be a road rally without minimal sleep) and the cars are off. For me that meant hopping into a car as a passenger and getting ready for a week on the road. I have to really minimise my kit down to what I can run and gun with because if you are constantly swapping between vehicles you can't be lugging great big bags around, especially with the boots in these cars!

I think something that doesn't seem that exciting but actually stands out are the fuel stops. There is nothing quite like ramming a petrol station full of supercars and seeing the reactions of all the other people that just happen to be filling up at the time. Travelling with the Supercars Club Arabia takes this to another level as all the cars are amazing and especially colourful.