Audi RS3

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my 2015 Audi RS3, i've been waiting friggin ages for this car and it really has not disappointed. Whilst on the outside to the average layman it looks like a small black Audi, to the more educated eye you notice the widened stance and enhanced attitude. The main thing that separates this car from the rest is the engine..THAT ENGINE. Fire it up and you are greeted by a raucous snarl complete with pops and bangs. Audi has clearly been playing with the calibration because if you have the car in sport mode it pops on downshifts and has whipcrack like upshifts but if you pop it back into drive it calms down. Quieten down the exhaust and you can cruise around town win relative peace, open it up and you have heads turning looking for what beast of a car is coming down the street (they look equally mystified when they see a little hatchback). 

I was at Luton Hoo Estate recently for an event and since the timing was pretty much perfect figured I'd do a little shoot to get some photos to show. Anyway, here they are..