Taking My Classic 911 On Track For The First Time

A trip to the Silverstone Stowe circuit with Autofarm to see how it handles

I've owned this 911 for a few years now. I've taken it all over the shop including a trip to Sweden in the winter where I drove it on an ice lake but this is the first time i've taken it on track. The car is a backdated 911SC from a company called Autofarm to 911 S/ST spec. It's got upgraded suspension, brakes, engine, stiffening and a bunch of interior changes to make it better for everyday use. I was really pleasantly surprised how friendly the car was when it was aproaching the limit, not the death trap i've heard of. I think to really have the most fun I would probably put on some tyres with a bit more grip to help with the understeer or go the other way and reduce the tyre sizes all round to allow it to slide around a bit at lower speeds. All in all it was a really fun day and kept up with some faster lighter cars. Check out the video below to see how it went.

SMoores_19-08-17_Autofarm Track Day_0034.jpg