Hunting Ferrari Challenge Cars In A Radical SR3 RSX

Hunting Ferrari Challenge Cars In A Radical SR3 RSX

Last week I took the Radical SR3 to Spa Francorchamps for a test day with a bunch of other race cars. We had LMP3, GT3, GT4 and some Ferrari Challenge cars. It's always fun mobbing these in the corners even thought they have much more pace on the straights.

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I'm Back RACING Again!

It's been a long time since I've been in the SR3. Only my second time racing in the Radical Challenge which is quite a hotly contested series so the competition is pretty tough. Learning so much all the time and mainly trying to keep the car on the black. Hope you enjoy the video, please do let me know any thoughts. 

Race Of Champions

Race of Champions is an annual event that pits drivers of all disciplines together in a variety of stock cars to try and decide who is the best. Every year you get a mix of formula 1, touring cars and drivers from other motorsports battling it out to see who is victories. This year saw Vettel clinch the crown in London.