Le Mans With Mclaren 2015 - Headed For Paris In The P1

It all started with a phonecall.."Hey Sam, what are you doing next weekend? Fancy coming to Le Mans?". Well it didn't really take long to work that one out so that is how I found myself behind the wheel of a McLaren P1 headed for Paris. 

McLaren now offer a host of customisation options for your keys, this one feels particularly special,

Upon arrival at the channel tunnel we were "Randomly" selected for a search. Now if any of you have seen the inside of a p1 it's not exactly like there is much space to hide stuff but I guess any excuse to have a nosey round an amazing hypercar.

Not exactly a tonne of space for luggage..

After the train ride under the sea (we booked the high vehicles compartment to get extra width and save the rims) it was just a straight up motorway slog into Paris. Everyone knows that Le Mans weekend the Police are waiting for you so it was cruise control on, tunes turned up and a very civilised couple of hours on the road. It is truly amazing how something with 903hp can be so good at munching up the miles with very little effort at all, yes there is a bit of road noise but plug in your ipod and crank up the music and time flies by. 

What a great looking thing!

903hp definitely gets you moving when you want it to.