Sony 55mm F1.8 Review (SEL55F18Z)

What A LENS. Honestly this lens changed how I viewed lenses. I had recently bought the A7rii and was looking for more native Sony lenses so first stop 50mm obviously. A friend of mine was using this lens to film with so I got a chance to have a play. It was "Only f1.8" so I was a bit snooty initially but after shooting a few shots and looking at them on my computer I had to reconfigure how I measured lenses. The Canon 50mm F1.4 wasn't sharp at 1.4, it wasn't really sharp till f2. This thing was sharp at 1.8. After this initial first impression it seemed that the 55mm was a bit of a winner and it now goes in my camera bag whether 2 bodies and 7 lenses or 1 body and 2 lenses. Here's a couple of images shot with the 1.8. The only lens I could see this being replaced with would potentially be when Sigma makes a 1.4 E-Mount lens..not yet tho. Till then this will pretty much be permanently attached to my camera. Well worth the purchase if you are looking for this style of lens. 

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